Information for boarders

If you are the main support person to a patient in our care, you may be able to stay overnight as a boarder.

A boarder is a support person; parent, relative or friend over the age of 18 who accompanies a patient or stays overnight with a patient, subject to their consent. 

A boarder may receive overnight accommodation and food from the hospital.

Please be aware, boarders may only stay overnight if the patient is in a single room. If the patient chooses to stay in a single room for this reason, they are required to pay the difference in cost for a single room if it is not covered by the health fund.

Boarders may stay at the hospital subject to availability of beds and the reason for boarding. The hospital may restrict the number of boarders in a ward at any time for the health and safety of all our patients.

Is there a boarding charge?

Yes. There is a fee for all hospital boarders to cover the costs of overnight accommodation, bed linen and meals provided by the hospital.

If circumstances change and you do not stay overnight, you may be charged for any meals provided. Please check boarder fees before admission.

Boarder fees vary, so please speak to a caregiver upon admission who can explain costs.

Health fund cover for boarders

Cover for boarders varies from one health fund product to another, as does the maximum number of days covered. Check your health fund prior to making a decision. Not all health funds cover boarders.

Boarder registration

You are asked to provide personal details and sign a Boarder Registration Form so that you understand the conditions of boarding and we can account for you within our emergency procedures.

More information

Please contact the admissions department or a caregiver on the ward for more information.