Our maternity options

At St John of God Bendigo Hospital, we offer two models of private maternity care - your choice of private obstetrician and Joy.

Not all pregnancies are the same, that’s why we offer maternity options tailored to support you, your baby and your family.

We understand that many parents would like to welcome their baby with the premium obstetric care, safety, comfort and luxuries a private hospital offers, but cost can sometimes stand in the way. That’s why we’ve developed a lower cost maternity care package called Joy which offers a private hospital experience under the care of an obstetrician.

Your choice of private obstetrician

When you choose your own private obstetrician, you get to develop a ongoing relationship with one expert who provides a dedicated maternity care experience throughout pregnancy, labour and post-natally at their private consulting rooms.

Your obstetrician will attend the birth and care for you during your stay at St John of God Bendigo Hospital. They will understand your birthing preferences and be the medical lead for your baby’s birth into the world.

During your pregnancy, typically you see your chosen obstetrician:

  • monthly, until approximately 28 weeks
  • every two weeks, until 36 weeks; and then
  • weekly, until the birth of your baby.

Your private health insurance will fund the majority of your costs. Out-of-pocket costs will depend on your obstetrician. You can contact obstetricians' rooms for an outline of their costs.

Next steps:

Ask your GP for a referral to a specific obstetrician.

Experience JoyA mother snuggling with her baby

We understand that many expecting parents would like to welcome their baby with the premium obstetric care, safety, comfort and luxuries a private hospital offers, but cost can stand in the way. The Joy maternity model offers most of the perks of a private maternity care experience but with reduced out of pocket costs.

Experience Joy from only $990!*

*Please allow $1,000 for tests and ultrasounds.

When you choose Joy maternity care you are cared for by a team, which includes:

  • Midwives and nurses
  • Our Joy obstetricians
  • Lactation consultants
  • Special care nursery nurses
  • Women’s physiotherapist

We have wrapped all of this up into an affordable maternity package and called it Joy!

  • Full access to Eve our maternity app
  • On site access to lactation consultants post delivery
  • Women’s physiotherapist
  • Three night stay in a private room
  • State of the art delivery suites
  • A la carte restaurant quality meals made fresh to order
  • Anaesthetists and paediatricians if you need them

Price excludes ultrasounds, pharmacy, paediatrician fees, anaesthetists fees. Additional costs will be discussed at your first consultation. Please allow $1,000 for tests, ultrasounds, and other additional fees.

Please check with your health fund to confirm that you are insured for maternity care and that you know your policy excess.

For uninsured patients, insured non-residents or those without Medicare, additional fees will apply.

Certain high risk pregnancies may be excluded. 

Joy fees

Please visit our fees page for detailed pricing and terms and conditions.

The Joy team


As a Joy patient you have the wonderful opportunity to be cared for by a whole team of obstetricians. Each is highly skilled, experienced, warm and caring. You will see one of them at each of your appointments (along with a midwife) and be in their safe hands during birth.

See our obstetricians available 


Our midwives are quite simply amazing! They will be with you every step of the way, they will ease your worries and concerns, hold your hand and share your joy as your baby enters the world.


If required, your baby will be well looked after by our paediatricians. These caring doctors are experts in providing specialised medical care specifically for babies and children. If required, a paediatrician will attend the birth of your baby, provide follow up checks and assessments and also manage the care of special care nursery babies.

Expect Joy

We aim to provide an experience where you can relax, recover and get to know your new baby.

Once you are booked in, a series of appointments will be made for you to attend the Joy clinic throughout your pregnancy.

At your clinic appointments you will see a midwife and the Joy obstetrician on duty. They will undertake a series of checks, tests and assessments to ensure both mum and baby are healthy. You will have the opportunity to share your concerns and ask any questions you may have.

During this stage you will also have periodical ultrasounds. You will be fully supported and have access to a 24/7 midwife hotline.

To prepare for parenthood you will have access to our app, Eve, which gives you a suite of articles, educational video clips, forums, timers and tools to assist you through your pregnancy and beyond. This app is exclusive to St John of God patients.

When it’s time for your baby to arrive, you will be admitted to the hospital under the care of the midwife and the Joy obstetrician on duty. They will attend and manage the birth of your baby, whether delivered vaginally or by caesarean section. They will be supported by the Joy team of specialised professionals as required. You will be in the very best hands!

Your hospital stay will be for three nights or longer as directed by the obstetricians and dependant on mother and baby’s health.

During the hospital stay, you will have access to lactation and feeding support to ensure you are going home prepared and comfortable. Our private rooms are spacious with lots of natural light. Partners are welcome to stay and can be comfortably accommodated by, sleeping on a built invertible chair.

Partners are welcome to use the same restaurant quality in-house dining.

Even when you leave St John of God Bendigo Hospital with your baby, the care continues.

You will return to the Joy clinic for a post birth check to make sure mum and baby are healthy and well. Support and advice continues as you have access to lactation and feeding experts. 

For referrals and further information

Call 03 5434 3421

Email: [email protected]