The Nurture Collective

St John of God Bendigo Hospital are thrilled to offer a new perinatal service for our families, by providing extended midwifery parenting support and education, as you transition into parenthood, from pregnancy to 3 months postnatal.

St John of God Bendigo Hospital's the Nurture Collective for postnatal parenting support and education

The Nurture Collective is a place where we find support, we embrace, we nourish, we thrive and we engage with professionals and other like-minded families on our parenthood journey. 

We will be offering a mixture of 1:1 appointments and small group sessions depending on your individual needs. Providing a relaxed space to talk, seek advice and have your queries answered by our caring and experienced staff. 

Areas of care and support include:

  • Breast Feeding Support
  • Exploring normal newborn behaviour
  • Tips and techniques for sleep settling, including classes provided by Tiny Sleepers
  • Transition from hospital to home
  • Postnatal Mental Health awareness
  • Postnatal physiotherapy advice
  • Postnatal well-being advice and looking after self
  • Drop in support sessions with other new mothers

As the service progresses we aim to introduce flexible antenatal wellbeing support and education sessions, including hypnobirthing. Along with other services such as baby massage, first aid, water safety and Pilates.

Before booking, please check your private health insurance, as some providers cover postnatal extras up to specific limits, or speak with one of our patient services team members who may be able to assist in review your Private Health Insurance.

If you would like more information, or would like to book in for a session, please complete the form below. A caregiver from our maternity ward will be in touch with you shortly. 

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