Day patients

As a day patient, you will return home on the same day as your surgery or procedure. Day procedures and surgeries are safe, cost-effective and allow you to return to your regular activities as quickly as possible.


Due to state safety restrictions, information on this page may be subject to change. Please see our COVID-19 information for the latest details and how you may be affected.

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A range of general, ophthalmology, orthopaedic, gynaecology, and plastic surgery procedures can be done as day cases. 

A day surgery or procedure could take four to six hours to complete from your time of admission to discharge. This will vary depending on the type of procedure and the operating list for the day.

Your day surgery preparation

Your doctor will provide any special instructions you should follow before your surgery, particularly regarding fasting and medications. Please check with your doctor if you will need any specific care, equipment or medications after your surgery or procedure. 

After your surgery 

In the first 24 hours after surgery, please do not:

  • drive a motor vehicle
  • use any machinery or tools
  • drink alcohol
  • make important decisions such as signing legal documents
  • do anything that requires a high level of alertness.

What to bring

  • Your Medicare card and concession cards such as the Safety Net Card and Department of Veterans’ Affairs Card
  • Your health fund details
  • Name and address of your general practitioner
  • Emergency contact details of your next of kin
  • Any X-rays or scans related to your condition
  • A list of any current medications you are taking, including natural remedies and supplements
  • A list of allergies to food or medications
  • Details of your employer and the date, time and place of accident if your surgery or procedure is covered by Workers’ Compensation or motor injury insurance
  • A book or magazine to read while you wait for your surgery or procedure
  • Bring your personal items in a small bag that can fit into the limited storage space provided in patient rooms.

What to expect

When you arrive, our caregivers will ensure all necessary admission requirements are complete. 

Please note: The time of your admission is not the actual time of your procedure. There will be times when you will need to wait during your hospital journey.

You will be given a patient identification band to wear once you are admitted. Our caregivers will confirm your identification before providing medication, treatment or a procedure. You may need to wait in a patient lounge, on a bed in a pre-surgery area or in your room before having your surgery or procedure.

After your surgery or procedure, nurses will monitor your recovery and perform regular observations such as blood pressure, oxygen levels and temperature.

Once you are awake, your nurse will inform you when it is safe to get out of bed and eat and drink. Your nurse will contact your nominated person to arrange for them to collect you.