Social work

Social work provides practical and emotional support, counselling and information to you and your family while you are at hospital or accessing our community services.

Our social work services

Our social workers provide:

  • support for you and your family while you undergo treatment and rehabilitation
  • assessment of your needs and ensure you are involved in your discharge planning
  • counselling support for you and your family for emotional issues such as grief and loss and adjusting to a medical diagnosis
  • information and links to aged care support services and aged care planning
  • information and links to community support services, including legal support services
  • parenting information
  • relationship services including counselling and practical parenting support
  • risk assessments and support links for people in vulnerable situations such as protection of children, domestic violence and drug or alcohol misuse
  • multicultural services including booking interpreters.

Benefits of social work

Accessing social work can help by providing:

  • an opportunity to express your concerns about your hospital admission or ongoing care
  • information and links to support services
  • crisis support if you are in a vulnerable situation such as domestic violence or you are experience drug or alcohol misuse.