A longer stay. More time to bond. 

Don't rush the special times. Stay for several days at our private hospitals.

Our maternity care

When you choose a St John of God Health Care private hospital, you are choosing the option to have your partner stay with you overnight, a longer hospital stay, your own obstetrician, and access to breastfeeding and mental health support with us.

All with the support and care of our midwives, nurses and experienced caregivers.

Why choose our private maternity care?

Overnight partner stays

Partner stays overnight

Three is not a crowd. At our private hospitals, partners are encouraged to stay by your side, including overnight.
Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding support

We offer one-on-one breastfeeding support during your stay so you feel confident caring for your new baby.
Longer hospital stays

Longer stay

Don’t rush the special time. Staying for several days with us so you have more time to bond.
Relationship with midwives

Relationship with midwives

Our midwives are there for you and your family through pregnancy, birth and in the hours and days after birth.
Mental health support

Mental health support

The health and wellbeing of your baby isn’t the only important thing. Our no-cost perinatal mental health services are here for you too.
A dedicated obstetrician

Choose your obstetrician

There are so many comforting aspects when it comes to the birth experience at our hospital, none more so than choosing your obstetrician.

Our support for you and your family

The care you receive from your obstetrician and our midwives and nurses supports you through your pregnancy, birth and into the early days of parenthood including with breastfeeding and mental health.

We even have a birth playlist so you have the perfect backing track for when you welcome your little one into the world. 

Find an obstetrician

Choosing an obstetrician is an important part of early pregnancy. You should choose an obstetrician you feel confident in - someone whose judgment and advice you can trust. Our find a specialist search shows you the contact details, photos and biographies of obstetricians practicing at your local St John of God Health Care hospital.

What mums-to-be need to know

Find out more about your maternity journey, from the first, second and third trimester, birth, breastfeeding, and beyond. Not yet pregnant? Don’t worry, we have all the information you need too.

Parent education

Parents often need a wide range of support and guidance when it comes to preparing for the arrival of their new baby, particularly if it is their first. We offer relaxed, informal classes hosted by experienced midwives, providing a safe environment to learn, share and ask questions.

Ask us more about our maternity services

Thinking of starting and expanding your family? Or have you just found out you are pregnant?
Ask us about our maternity services, or let us know if you are keen to attend a maternity ward tour, and one of our maternity caregivers will be back in touch.
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