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Learn about our one-on-one approach to providing practical, low or no-cost mental wellbeing counselling, strategies and solutions.

Our Approach 

Mental wellbeing support for everybody

Anyone can experience stress or trauma. And at St John of God Mental Wellbeing Services, we believe everyone has the right to high-quality, low or no-cost mental wellbeing support and therapy.

One in five Australians experience mental health issues

It’s little wonder we’re talking about mental wellbeing more often. It’s a health challenge that affects so many of us.

That’s why our clinical, community health and support team is here. To listen, whatever challenges you’re facing, whenever you’re ready. To offer practical, personalised support that helps you in your day-to-day life and empowers you to enjoy the future you want. 

Caring in the community

Our team comes from a range of clinical, health and community care backgrounds. Together, we offer an equally broad range of evidence-based mental health support and education, counselling and psychotherapy services.

All delivered in the community. All tailored to suit the individuals and families that need them. All in partnership with general practitioners and other local healthcare providers.

Helping you reset your life and thrive

Our collaborative, integrated approach means we’re able to give you the one-on-one care and support you need.

No prescriptive solutions. No band-aid ‘fixes’. In fact, this isn’t about ‘fixing’ anyone.

It’s about looking at your whole wellbeing and finding a solution that’s right for you and the goals you want to achieve, supporting you step by step so you’re able to understand, nurture and sustain your mental and physical wellbeing.

Our Community Services Charter explains your rights and responsibilities, and what you can expect when engaging with our services.

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Call 1800 313 016 and speak to our friendly team about getting the practical, personalised mental wellbeing advice and support you need.


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Cockburn Integrated Health 
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Stan and Jean Perron Advocacy Centre
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