Stroke rehabilitation at Midland

Our research team has a focus on engagement with key stakeholders for improving patient outcomes collaborating with The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health as well as Australian hospitals and universities. The research activities range from randomised controlled clinical trials through to observational and audit studies. The importance of translational research is evident in our contribution and collaboration to specific clinical patient registries and Biobank for Inherited Disorders of Lipid Metabolism.

Rehabilitation can greatly improve a patient’s quality of life after a stroke. The research that we conduct at the St John of God Midland Private and Public Hospital aims to develop models of care that will ultimately help patients get their independence back and prepare them for life when they return home.

The areas of research that we focus on include:

Using state-of-the-art technology, developing a model of care that will enable us to predict the motor outcomes of stroke patients.  
A research study investigating the provision of the highest quality occupational therapy care to stroke patients.
Trial of Exenatide in Acute Ischaemic stroke.
Dr Tim Bates, Consultant - Gen Med & Med Specialties
Dr Patrick Salvaris, General Physician & Stroke Physician
Lynda Southwell, Research Nurse
Rhianna Ingleton, Senior Occupational Therapist
Tiing Lio, Senior Physiotherapist

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