• For medical professionals

For medical professionals

We value the expertise of the doctors, dentists and allied health professionals who work in partnership with us at St John of God Bendigo Hospital.
Our medical professionals (consultants, surgeons and physicians) practice or consult within our hospital.


Patients can only be admitted under the care of a medical practitioner who has accreditation with St John of God Bendigo Hospital. 

All practitioners are required to submit a hospital booking form for each patient, and in turn the patient will be provided with an informed financial consent to sign on admission.


To admit, treat and/or operate on patients at St John of God Bendigo Hospital all medical, dental and allied health practitioners must have their credentials reviewed and a specific scope of practice defined by our hospital.

Credentialing enquiries to be directed to the Credentialing Officer at [email protected] or on (03) 5434 43481.

Education and Training

Doctors are expected to provide evidence of ongoing professional training to the hospital as part of the credentialing process. For more information contact our Director of Medical Services:

Tel: (03) 5434 3230

Theatre bookings

Sessional allocations

For surgical sessional allocations contact:

Theatre Nurse Unit Manager:
Tel: (03) 5434 3457

Theatre bookings

email: [email protected]

For urgent theatre bookings and admissions contact:

Theatre Coordinator:
Tel: (03) 5434 3482


Tel: (03) 5434 3205.

For after-hours theatre bookings and admissions contact:

After Hours Manager:
Tel: (03) 5434 3422.

By-laws for health professionals

The St John of God Health Care By-laws set out the terms and conditions which medical practitioners must comply with to seek accreditation to admit and care for patients at our hospital.