Exercise physiology

An exercise physiologist helps you recover and improve your health following illness, injury or surgery.

Our rehabilitation programs are delivered by specialised health care teams that plan care around your health needs. An exercise physiologist may be part of this team.

The goal of exercise physiology is to give you the tools to improve and maintain your health through exercise.

This could involve helping you adapt to new exercise programs and to change your daily routines for better long term health.

What to expect from an exercise physiologist

An exercise physiologist may be part of your health care team once you start a rehabilitation program.  They may provide:

  • information on how to start an exercise program and how to maintain this into the long term
  • a personalised plan that includes group and individual exercise sessions
  • expert advice on the best exercises for your condition and goals
  • information on behavioural changes that will benefit your health and wellbeing in the long term.