Self funded care

Hospital care without health insurance

You can choose to access care at one of our private hospitals even if you do not have private health insurance cover.

Self funded care

By choosing to be cared for at a private hospital, you get:

  • Quick access to care and avoid long public hospital waiting lists
  • To choose the specialist who cares for you from your initial consultation through to surgery, in hospital and beyond
  • To be treated at the hospital of your choice

How to access care without health insurance

It is simple to access care without health insurance. This is also known as self-funded care.

To self-fund your surgery:

  1. Get a referral from your GP to see the specialist of your choice. All specialists accredited to work at our hospitals can provide you care and treatment even if you do not have private health insurance.
  2. Book an appointment with your specialist and ask them for an estimate of their likely costs, along with any other questions you may have.
  3. Call us to seek an estimate for all hospital-related costs charged up front.
  4. Book your surgery with your specialist.

Costs involved

You can choose to self-fund your care at a St John of God Health Care private hospital without health insurance. This means you cover the fees and charges associated with your care, including:

  • All surgeon and anaesthetist fees
  • Hospital fees including nursing, theatre, accommodation, medications, dressings and in-room meals
  • Medications and dressings
  • Blood tests and diagnostic imaging (scans)  

If you hold a valid Medicare card, you may be entitled to some money back on your care. Your specialist and hospital admissions caregivers will advise you of any likely money back before you undergo treatment. 

You will need to pay the estimated costs of your hospital bed fees, operating theatre fees and prosthetic fees (if applicable) at the time of your admission. 

You can pay your bill via credit card or cash online, over the phone or in person. 

Common types of surgery that are self-funded

Many people, of all ages, choose to self-fund their care at St John of God Health Care private hospitals, particularly when they want quick access to elective surgery which may take months or years to access in a public hospital.

All surgeries can be self-funded.

Commonly accessed self-funded surgeries such as endoscopies, ophthalmology procedures (eye surgery), and chemotherapy do not require overnight stays. Other commonly self-funded surgeries, which may require overnight stays, include bariatric surgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, reconstructive surgery, and breast surgery.