LiquidFiles is a tool to easily and securely send and receive documents that contain sensitive information.

LiquidFiles ensures all information shared using the tool is encrypted, authenticated, virus scanned and logged.

St John of God Health Care caregivers are required to use LiquidFiles when sending information externally to VMOs and practices.

Do I need to use LiquidFiles to send information?

St John of God Health Care strongly recommends you use LiquidFiles or an alternative secure tool when sending sensitive information. However, it is not mandatory and is the decision of each VMO/practice/key service provider. Should you choose to use LiquidFiles, there are resources on this site to support you with creating an account, as well as sending and receiving information.

Do I need to use LiquidFiles to receive information from caregivers?

VMOs/practices/key service providers will need to use LiquidFiles when opening information sent by St John of God Health Care Caregivers.

Opening a file sent to you using LiquidFiles is easy and takes approximately 20 seconds. We have developed user instructions and tips to support you with accessing information shared by LiquidFiles, as well FAQs. These can be found on this site.

Why is St John of God Health Care strongly encouraging VMOs/practices/key service providers to use LiquidFiles?

Protecting our patients information and privacy is critically important to us. 

The Federal Government also recently passed legislation introducing some of most severe penalties for breaching privacy in the world. 

Individuals, such as VMOs, can also face multi-million dollar fines (or significantly more if your business is incorporated). LiquidFiles helps to prevent privacy breaches by keeping information shared over email secure.