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Liver surgery

The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body. Several conditions can stop the liver from performing its functions as well as it should and may require surgery.

The liver plays an important role in removing toxins, processing nutrients and regulating metabolism.

Conditions which may prevent your liver from performing as it should include viral infections, overconsumption of alcohol and a build-up of fat which may require surgery. The most common reason for liver surgery is to treat cancer which has spread to the liver (also known as liver metastases or secondary liver cancer).

Our experienced surgeons and nurses help put you at ease and explain the process to help you mentally and physically prepare for your upcoming surgery. After, we work closely with you as you recover to help you return to your full and active life.

Our liver surgery services

Our specialist liver surgeons provide a multidisciplinary approach to treating your liver condition.

Our liver surgeons use the latest technology, giving them the precision and control to operate on even the most complex cases, with fewer risks and better outcomes. We complement this with the highest levels of care, making sure your stay with us is as comfortable as possible.

Liver resection

The most common form of liver surgery is a liver resection. This involves removing a portion of the liver. It is commonly used for removing tumours of the liver, both malignant and benign. Sometimes, as part of a liver resection, a surgeon may need to remove the gall bladder.

What to expect

A liver resection is done under general anaesthetic. You may need to stay in hospital for about five days but it may take six to eight weeks for you to recover completely.

During your hospital stay, our caregivers provide around the clock support. After you leave hospital, our specialists are available to answer your questions and to make sure you’re recovering properly.

Benefits of our liver surgery services

The benefits of our liver surgery services include:

  • a multidisciplinary team of liver surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, registered nurses and other health professionals
  • access to the latest technology including specialist liver surgery equipment
  • the chance to recover in comfortable surrounds, and ongoing support once you’ve left hospital
  • the highest levels of care and empathy from our qualified caregivers.

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