Safety. Support. Opportunity.


Horizon House empowers and supports young people at risk of homelessness to build the life they want by providing a safe and stable home.

Equipping and empowering young people for life

Young people can find themselves at risk of homelessness for many reasons. When they do, we’re here with a safe home and the space and support they need to build the life they want.

More than a roof over their head, our team works with young people to understand who they are and what they want to do. Then, we work together to develop the skills and access the support they need to look after themselves and move on.

In 2020, St John of God Social Outreach was awarded full accreditation against the QIC Health and Community Services Standards, with accreditation renewed in 2023, demonstrating our commitment to providing quality services that are best practice, driven by effective systems and processes that support our clients’ positive experience and achieving better outcomes for everyone we serve.

Social Outreach accreditation