Payroll review

Payroll review

St John of God Health Care has identified issues that have impacted the payment of some of our current and former caregivers and contractors. This may have resulted in underpayments. 

We value our caregivers and the compassionate care they provide our patients and clients every day.

We take our obligations to comply with workplace and superannuation laws very seriously.

We are very sorry that we have fallen short of their expectations of us.

We have advised the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) of the identified issues, and are working cooperatively with them.

We have commenced a detailed review of our payroll systems and processes, with the assistance of external experts.

Our focus is on identifying any impacts on caregivers and contractors, remediating impacted people as soon as possible, and implementing strategies and controls to ensure ongoing compliance.


You may be impacted if you work in Western Australia and fall under any one of the following three enterprise agreements:

  • St John of God Health Care – HSU – Health Professionals Administrative Clerical and Technical Enterprise Agreement 2022;
  • St John of God Health Care – ANMF – Registered Nurses' and Midwives' Agreement 2020; and 
  • St John of God Health Care Enrolled Nurses and Support Services Agreement 2019.


Work in Victoria for St John of God Accord and may have done overtime and work under one of the following two enterprise agreements:

  • St John of God Accord Residential Services Enterprise Agreement 2018;
  • St John of God Accord, Accord Community Engagement Services (ACES) Enterprise Agreement 2014.


If you provide services or work for us as a contractor, but meet the definition of employee under the Superannuation Guarantee Act, you may be impacted.

For clarification, we expect that many of our visiting medical officers (VMOs) will not be impacted by this. Whilst we are still determining who may be affected, we think that many VMOs will not meet the extended definition of 'employee' in the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act. Those VMOs who come to our hospitals to treat patients and are paid by either a health fund or Medicare, or in rare cases, directly by the patient, are not likely to fall within the extended definition of "employee".

If you think you may be impacted you do not need to do anything at this stage.

We will provide further updates as we complete the review and intend to contact all those impacted directly, once we are in a position to do so.

In the meantime, if you would like to receive email updates on this matter, please fill out the form below.

If you have a specific question for the payroll team please contact us via the same form or phone our payroll call centre on 1800 666 554 and select option 4.

We want to back pay people, with interest, as soon as we can.  It is our highest priority but at present we do not have a clear date for this.

We are working with the regulators and are required to complete a thorough review and validation of calculations with the support of external expertise. 

That process has already commenced and we are working through timeframes for each enterprise agreement and for contractors. 

As soon as we have a clearer understanding of timeframes, we will communicate directly to impacted caregivers and contractors.

If you register below we will provide you with updates, sent to your email inbox, as they become known.

We will contact all current and former caregivers and contractors directly to advise of the outcome of the review and confirm back payments and interest amounts that will be paid.

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Update 13 December 2023

We have identified that in some circumstances overtime has not been correctly paid for some former and current St John of God Accord caregivers.

We engaged external experts to undertake the Accord Initial Review.

In some circumstances overtime has not been correctly paid for:

  • (a) Weekly overtime, where a full-time or part-time caregiver worked in more than 38 hours per week; 
  • (b) Daily overtime, where a full-time or part-time caregiver worked more than 10 hours per day under the Residential EA 2018 or a part-time caregiver worked in excess of 10 hours per day under the ACES EA 2014;
  • (c) Double time where a broken shift spanned more than 12 hours under the Residential EA 2018; and 
  • (d) Overtime for time worked on a sleepover.

In some circumstances meal allowances for overtime may also not have been correctly paid under the ACES EA 2014.

We are in the process of contacting individual current caregivers to advise them of any back payment amounts, including interest. We will commence the process of contacting former caregivers in early 2024.

Our approach to the Accord Initial Review has been driven by our strong desire to quantify and pay money owed to caregivers before the end of the year.

To prioritise payments to caregivers as soon as possible, not all entitlements and issues were reviewed as part of this Accord Initial Review.

A broader pay compliance review for other St John of God Accord caregiver entitlements will be undertaken in 2024. This continues to be an important piece of work to which significant internal and external resources have been invested.

We thank our St John of God Accord caregivers for their understanding and will continue to keep them updated as we work through the broader review.

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