Environmental sustainability

We have set ourselves the strategic intent “to be the best performing health care organisation in Australia by 2025”. To meet this goal and ensure the health and wellbeing of our communities is improved, we are developing an environmentally sustainable future at all of our facilities.

Caregivers walking through the grounds of St John of God Bendigo Hospital

St John of God Health Care’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2022 to 2025 sets our targets to reduce emissions and guides how we will improve all areas of our practices to do this and become a more environmentally sustainable organisation.

A key focus of this strategy is achieving:

  • a minimum 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030
  • net zero emissions by 2050

The boundary of St John of God Health Care’s emissions inventory is Hospital's, Community Services and Group Services and is proposed to cover scope 1 (direct emissions), scope 2 (indirect via fuel consumption), and selected scope 3 (business travel, and general and clinical waste) emissions taking a base year of FY 2019-20.

The strategy builds on previous sustainability strategies and work of our caregivers over many years.

Four core areas

Leadership and CultureLeadership and culture

  • Provide leadership that promotes an environmentally aware culture

Environmental PerformanceEnvironmental performance

  • Improve performance against environmental target areas

Climate ChangeClimate change

  • Identify climate change impacts – services and assets;

Continuous ImprovementContinuous improvement

  • Demonstrate continuous improvement through measuring, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of environmental performance.

The health of our environment is linked to the health of our community. 

As a Catholic health care provider, St John of God Health Care has an enduring responsibility to demonstrate strong resources stewardship, including in relation to environmental resources and our impact on the environment. Our responsibility as a health care leader includes addressing environmental and climate change impacts.

Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2022 to 2025 demonstrates the strong commitment from St John of God Health Care Trustees, Board and caregivers, and is a call to action as we continue to improve our performance in this important area.