Pastoral care research

Pastoral services is a defining feature of Catholic health care, encapsulating the essence of leading the Mission of Jesus in offering hospitality, hope and healing to our patients, clients and residents.

As a leading Catholic health care organisation, it is our responsibility and commitment to advance and shape the profession of pastoral services through research to provide whole person care in every encounter, at every moment with every person, every day.

Pastoral services teams create and hold the space for healing. Building research into pastoral services helps determine the effect of caring for a person’s emotional, spiritual and religious needs on improving their wellbeing and personal outcomes. Research also frames our understanding of and response to how we care for those we encounter in times of illness, crisis and vulnerability. 

  • Assessing the impact of pastoral services on overall wellbeing of patients, residents, clients and their families.
  • What it means to care for the whole person.
  • Aspects of our care we could improve.
  • Building capacity for all caregivers to have an understanding of spiritual literacy.
  • Relationships between pastoral visits and patient overall satisfaction with their hospital experience.

St John of God Bendigo Hospital:

  • Lynda Whyles Coordinator Pastoral Services

St John of God Berwick Hospital:

  • Karen Rolfe Coordinator Pastoral Services

St John of God Burwood Hospital:

  • Andrew Nee Director of Mission
  • Jonathan Browning Coordinator of Pastoral Services

St John of God Langmore Centre

  • Andrew Somerville Coordinator Pastoral Services

St John of God Murdoch Hospital:

  • Jenni Ashton Manager Pastoral Services
  • Dr Leanne Monterosso, Professor of Nursing Research
  • Gail Ross- Adjie Nursing Researcher

St John of God Subiaco Hospital:

  • Suranga Amaratunga, Manager Pastoral Services 

St John of God Health Care - Group Services:

  • Eleanor Roderick Group Manager Pastoral Services
Brown, J and Gardner J, (2013) Evaluating a bereavement service, Subiaco, Perth WA.