The Anaesthesia and Pain Research Unit remains committed to improving outcomes for patients undergoing surgery. 

Key research priorities are post-operative acute and chronic pain, wound infection and cancer re-occurrence.

The Anaesthesia and Pain Research Unit contributes to large, international, multicentre studies. 

These studies are led by Prof Tomás Corcoran.

  • Prevention of Chronic Post-Surgical Pain (CPSP) is seen as the ‘Holy Grail’ of anaesthesiology; it remains a common and debilitating complication of surgery. The ROCKet trial is investigating treatment into CPSP that could provide the evidence to transform routine anaesthesia practice worldwide and improve patients’ quality of life and the associated financial healthcare burden.
  • Surgical site infection (SSI) remains a serious and expensive postoperative complication. The TRIGS (Tranexamic Acid to Reduce Infections after Gastro Intestinal Surgery) trial examines an innovative way to reduce SSI in gastrointestinal surgery, and will evaluate the effects on immune and inflammatory responses.
  • Cancer remains a major public health problem and despite surgical treatment, cancer recurs in many patients. The VAPOR-C trial is investigating the role of anaesthetic agents in cancer cell survival and immunomodulation in patients undergoing colorectal and lung cancer surgery.
Professor Tomás Corcoran

Research Nurses
Yvonne Buller
Natalie Hird

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