Casa Venegas

Casa Venegas provides accommodation to people with mental health issues in south western and inner west Sydney.

People with mental health issues are one of the most disadvantage groups in society and make up a big part of our homeless population.

Our service helps people with mental health issues who are homeless transition to independent living through a recovery-based framework.

Our services

We provide a choice of housing from shared homes and units to one bedroom apartments in south western and the inner west of Sydney. Through regular visits from our caregivers, you are assisted to improve your ability to live independently within the community.

We provide independence, improved quality of life and dignity by:

  • treating you as an individual
  • providing you your own room and respecting your privacy
  • providing recreational, vocational and social opportunities
  • offering support and assistance when required
  • providing professional support and advocacy regarding your entitlements
  • instilling a sense of hope through structure support services and role models
  • offering the means to transition to independent living.

You have access to:

  • Support to meet your personal goals
  • Support to develop independence and life skills 
  • Assistance with creating other connections to help you find employment, join social activities and become part of your community
  • Assistance coordinating your healthcare needs through case managers and GPs
  • 24-hour on-call assistance

Our Community Services Charter explains your rights and responsibilities, and what you can expect, when engaging with our services.

Our name

Our Casa Venegas service is named after John of God who ministered to the sick in Granada, Spain in the 16th century. He would shelter at night inside the vestibule of wealthy resident Don Miguel’s home called Casa Venegas. John of God felt he could not accept Don Miguel’s hospitality and leave the poor and sick without shelter, so he invited some of those people to share his good fortune and shelter with him in the Casa Venegas entrance. After this experience, John of God went on to found his hospitals. Find out more about our name.

Contact us

Casa Venegas
13 Grantham Street
Burwood, NSW 2134
Tel: (02) 9715 9231
Fax: (02) 9715 9228
Email: [email protected]

 Casa Venegas clients

In 2020, St John of God Social Outreach was awarded full accreditation against the QIC Health and Community Services Standards, demonstrating our commitment to providing quality services that are best practice, driven by effective systems and processes that support our clients’ positive experience and achieving better outcomes for everyone we serve.Social Outreach accreditation

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