Allied health careers

Allied health careers

We provide a wide range of career pathways in allied health with the opportunity to work in a variety of settings including inpatient and outpatient services, mental health, rehabilitation and disability services.

As an allied health professional at St John of God Health Care you will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team in well-appointed, contemporary facilities, using modern equipment and therapeutic tools. Allied health professionals are located across St John of God Health Care hospitals and services enabling integrated and well-coordinated care for patients.

We provide opportunities for you to rotate through different clinical areas, providing support throughout your career, whether you are starting as a recent graduate or seeking to further your professional development through one of our clinical research fellowships.

In addition to internal and external development opportunities, we offer flexible work options and roles across acute and sub-acute health care, community and disability services.

Our allied health services locations:

New South Wales


Western Australia

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Our physiotherapists are experts in the structure of the human body and its movements. They work across a variety of inpatient and outpatient services including Emergency Departments, critical care, surgical and medical wards, women’s health, oncology and rehabilitation.

As a physiotherapist at St John of God Health Care you have access to modern facilities and the tools required for best practice.

Speech pathology

Our speech pathologists provide inpatient and outpatient services for people with voice, communication and swallowing difficulties. Develop your career in contemporary facilities as a speech pathologist with St John of God Health Care.


Our dietitians are experts in food and nutrition. At St John of God Health Care, dietitians work within a multidisciplinary team and in partnership with food services. Our dietitians may work across critical care, surgical and medical wards, women’s health, oncology, mental health, rehabilitation and food services.

Exercise physiology

Exercise physiologists work in both inpatients and outpatient settings at St John of God Health Care hospitals and services. We have well equipped gyms and hydrotherapy pools. Our exercise physiologists work with individuals and run group sessions, supporting oncology patients, mental health clients and a range of conditions including cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological, and musculoskeletal health.


Podiatrists are university-trained foot health experts who prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs. These may be acute or chronic conditions and include: toenail problems; skin conditions, foot pain and  gait abnormalities. Some services specialise in high risk foot problems, most often relating to diabetes, nerve damage, poor circulation, rheumatoid arthritis, and structural foot deformity. Podiatrists are an integral part of the allied health team and wider medical / surgical teams. These teams treat complex, high risk foot problems and have an evidence based impact on preventing hospital admissions and amputation.

Social work

Our social workers provide support to patients to make change in their lives to improve personal and social wellbeing. At St John of God Health Care, social workers collaborate with discharge planners and pastoral services caregivers to ensure an holistic service to support the goals of each patient.


Our psychologists are key members of the multi-disciplinary team. Psychologists provide assessment and therapy to clients offering support, advice and treatment to address their issues.  We have a range of positions within our acute hospitals, mental health specialist hospitals and community services.  Our psychologists work with individual patients and provide group therapy Using your high quality clinical skills to determine and deliver appropriate psychological assessments and interventions for patients which contribute to their health and well-being. 

Our psychology opportunities range from registrar programs to clinical psychology, neuropsychology and counselling psychology roles.

Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapists (or OTs) work with patients across the lifespan from infancy to the elderly to enable people to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through participation in everyday tasks. Across St John of God Health Care, OTs provide a range of services community patients within our acute hospitals, specialist mental health services, specialist rehabilitation services and also within Accord disability services.

Art therapy

Art therapists work with children, young people, adults and the elderly. Art therapy is provided in groups or individually, depending on patient need.

Music therapy

Music therapy is an evidence-based, clinical use of music interventions. Music therapy consists of a process in which a music therapist uses music and all of its facets - physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual - to help clients improve their health and quality of life.

Allied health assistants

Allied health assistants work alongside a range of allied health professionals to provide therapeutic and program related support. They work in the inpatient and outpatient settings and have a wide variety of roles.

Allied health graduate program

Our national graduate allied health programs give early career allied health professionals access to a range of clinical experiences in a structured and supported environment. We tailor your learning to real, on-the-job experiences that support your transition into the workplace.

Our allied health graduate program is available to graduate and early career allied health professionals from a variety of disciplines, including:

  • Art therapy
  • Dietetics
  • Exercise physiology
  • Music therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Speech pathology
  • Social work

Our allied health graduate program is offered to our caregivers who are in their first year of a professional allied health role, having previously completed an applicable qualification. 

Our allied health jobs are listed on our careers portal and advertised when vacancies arise. To apply for a job with us, you will need to create an account and submit your application online via the portal.

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