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Private surgical treatment option for your child

29 September 2021

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Knowing you have the choice to have your child's surgery by a surgeon of your choice in a private hospital with minimal waiting time is very reassuring for parents says Paediatric Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon Dr George Sim.

Certain specialties such as paediatric ear, nose and throat surgery can be have significant waiting times for non-urgent procedures. This can include having grommets inserted or having adenoids and/or tonsils removed.

We understand the stress and uncertainties parents and children go through when a child is needing surgical intervention, even for a minor procedure. We aim to simplify and expediate the process so that your child will be on the road to good health again.

If you have already added your child to your private hospital insurance policy, you can access private hospital care and the associated benefits – choice of doctors, reduced wait times and choice of hospital (often your preferred hospital will be close to home).

If you haven't added your child to your private hospital insurance, or you don't have cover, you can still access the benefits by choosing to self-fund your child's care.

Self-funding for uninsured patients is a simple process where you pay in advance from your own pocket or with the support of one of our payment providers (available at some private hospitals).

Your child's specialist can give you an outline of their fees and our hospitals can provide you a cost estimate of care. The costs are made as transparent as possible. Very often, surgical and anaesthetic fees do attract Medicare rebates, further reducing out of pocket costs for families.

We have put together a simple guide to help you understand what is involved with choosing to self-fund your child's hospital care.

Did you know? St John of God Murdoch Hospital also offer hospital packages to patients who choose to self-fund their private hospital care across select procedures. The costs involved have been made transparent and clear to patients and their families.