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Don’t wait to get the care you need

26 March 2018

Your private health care
Our Group Chief Executive Director Dr Shane Kelly explains why choosing one of our private hospitals means you can get quick access to your specialist of choice and short waiting times.

Minimal waiting times

Our patients regularly tell us that getting treated quickly is one of the main reasons they choose our private hospitals for their care.

Whether it is for a child who has broken a bone at a football or netball game, an elderly parent who needs a hip replacement and rehabilitation, mental health care for a loved one or for a small procedure that requires day surgery. We offer access to the care you need when you need it most.

Flexibility so you can plan your care

As a private hospital patient, we also offer you flexibility so you can plan your care to suit your lifestyle.

This means you can choose when you go for treatment so that it doesn’t interrupt your work commitments, or prevent you from going on holiday. You can also plan your rest and recovery after your hospital stay.

It also means that you’ll be able to get back to doing what you love as soon as possible.

How to access our care

When you speak to your GP, ask to be referred to a surgeon or doctor of your choice who works at St John of God Health Care hospitals.

You can speak to your doctor about when you would like to receive care, either immediately or at a later date to suit your lifestyle. We will be here for you whenever you need our care.

Shane Kelly
Dr Shane Kelly - Former Group CEO

Dr Shane Kelly has more than 30 years’ experience in health care. He was St John of God Health Care's Group CEO from 2018 until 2022.