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Reducing the wait when you need bariatric surgery

09 September 2021 Blog
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Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, is an increasingly popular surgery for people who are struggling to lose weight through traditional means. Dr Leon Cohen a Bariatric surgeon at St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital explains how you can get quick access to this surgery at our private hospitals.

Bariatric surgery in the Public system is very much considered an elective surgery. This means that there can be long waiting times, often over two-three  years,  as other urgent, non-elective surgeries are prioritised.

There is no doubting, however, that having bariatric surgery can be life-changing.

It can help you reduce the amount you eat, control your hunger, and there may also be additional hormonal and metabolic effects that help promote weight loss.

Reducing your weight can also help you get back to doing more activities you enjoy and resolve the serious comorbidities like type 11 diabetes and sleep apnoea that are so common in this group.

Additionally, our program use the latest minimally invasive techniques in weight loss surgery and the principles of ERAS ( Enhanced recovery after Surgery) to help you recover faster and with less pain compared to open surgery. Meaning often just a one night stay in hospital is required.

So you don’t want to wait for these benefits.

If you have gold level private hospital insurance, you are likely to be covered for weight loss surgery already, but check with your fund to make sure you are eligible.

But what are your options if you aren’t?

If you have a lower level of private hospital insurance, you can speak with your fund about upgrading your cover (just make sure you are aware if there are any waiting periods that might apply).

Or if you don’t have insurance, or don’t want to upgrade your cover, you can consider self-funding your care. This is the philosophy behind our Access Bariatrics program which provides a one low cost program without compromising on the preparation and standards of post operative care.

This means paying for your health care directly.

Our quick and easy guide to help you navigate the steps involved with choosing to self-fund your care is the first place to start if considering whether this option is right for you.

Leon Cohen - General and Bariatric Surgeon

Dr Leon Cohen is a General and Bariatric Surgeon who established Mercy Bariatrics in 2004.

Dr Cohen has personally performed more than 1,300 lap sleeve gastrectomies, which is one of the largest individual series in Australia.

Along with sleeve gastrectomy, Dr Cohen has a special interest in revisional bariatric surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and endoscopy.