Maternity services

St John of God Bendigo Hospital offers mums-to-be exceptional care in an environment that is respectful and personal. Our maternity facilities are some of the finest in the region.

Exceptional maternity care

Many of Bendigo’s best obstetricians choose to work at St John of God Bendigo Hospital and are supported by our team of specialist nurses, midwives, anaesthetists and parent educators to ensure you receive exceptional care throughout your pregnancy, during your hospital stay and after birth.

See for yourself why mums-to-be choose St John of God Bendigo Hospital by joining a free maternity tour. 

Your maternity choice

When you choose St John of God Bendigo Hospital for your maternity care, you are giving your baby an exceptional start to life. We welcome your partner to stay with you on our ward at no charge and offer you one on one care that is personal and compassionate to give you everything you need as a new mother.

Our obstetricians

Our obstetricians are leaders in their field and choose to provide their care at St John of God Bendigo Hospital because they know you and your baby will receive exceptional care.

What mums-to-be need to know

To help you be as informed and empowered as possible before the birth of your baby, our maternity blog covers a range of pregnancy and birth topics. Information is developed in partnership with our midwives, specialists and other allied health professionals and reviewed by a panel of experts.

Parent education

As the hospital of choice for many Bendigo parents we offer a range of parent education classes for mums and dads – free of charge - covering what to expect during pregnancy, birth and the early weeks of parenthood.

Interested in our maternity services?

Book a maternity tour to see why mums-to-be choose St John of God Subiaco Hospital for their maternity care. Our free maternity tours give you a chance to see our facilities and meet our midwives who provide exceptional maternity care for you and your baby throughout pregnancy, birth and the early stages of parenthood.

Tours are held every Saturday afternoon starting at 1.00pm.