While it is not uncommon to experience low mood or sadness occasionally, depression tends to be ongoing, lasting anywhere from several weeks to years. Our treatment programs are here to help you.

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What is depression?

When you are not enjoying life or do not experience feelings of pleasure, for weeks, months or even years, you may be experiencing depression.

Depression can make you feel worthless and simply unable to get yourself going. It can change the way you go about daily activities and can affect your appetite and sleeping patterns.

Through depression, you may experience:

  • low moods, feeling sad or a lack of motivation
  • a loss of pleasure, which can impact your day-to-day activities
  • negative changes to your appetite and sleeping patterns
  • feelings of worthlessness and even thoughts of suicide.

How depression treatment programs can help you

The aim of our depression treatment programs is to help you understand depression and how negative thinking affects your behaviour.

Our programs help you develop strategies to deal with low moods and lack of motivation so you can manage your condition and help prevent depression from ruling your life.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is at the core of our programs as it has been shown to be a highly effective way to treat depression by changing the way you think.

When you receive treatment for depression at our hospital, your therapy will include exploring the following topics:

  • understanding what depression is and its causes
  • overcoming lack of motivation and lethargy
  • making positive change through a balanced lifestyle
  • an introduction to mindfulness
  • how to recognise patterns of thinking and challenging negative thinking
  • understanding how depression affects self-worth and leads to self-blame or feelings of guilt
  • developing awareness of core beliefs and challenging these effectively
  • relapse prevention.

Our depression treatment programs are offered our multidisciplinary teams including psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, allied health professionals and pastoral services caregivers who look after all aspects of your emotional and physical wellbeing.

When you choose to stay at our hospital as an inpatient to treat depression, you have access to intensive help and support you need to understand and manage all aspects of your condition.

During your stay, you will get the time and space you need to understand your symptoms and feel more in control.

What to expect?

Our inpatient depression treatment programs include an 18 to 21 day stay at our hospital. Your length of stay is determined by your clinical need and in consultation with your treating team.

Cognitive behaviour therapy is the mainstay of treatment for most patients. For inpatients, we also offer repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This is a safe and painless treatment used when other approaches, including anti-depressants, haven’t brought the desired improvements.

During your stay with us, you will also have access to a mix of individual and group-based therapies.

Referrals and costs

A GP referral is needed to access our inpatient depression treatment programs.

The costs of taking part in our programs are covered by most private health insurers, and you can now choose to upgrade your cover without a waiting period. An excess or co-payment may be payable depending on your level of cover.

Care is also available through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Work Cover. Self-funded patients are welcome.

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Depression often requires ongoing care and treatment. Our day group programs enable you to receive the care you need while continuing your everyday activities.

Therapies include CBT as well as mindfulness.

What to expect?

Our range of day programs are tailored to meet your needs, including providing support after discharge from a hospital inpatient stay or for ongoing support.

Our day programs run for once a week for between eight and 12 weeks. Our dedicated cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) day programs are offered one day or half day a week for between eight and 10 weeks.

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Referrals and costs

A referral from your GP or health professional is needed to access our day depression treatment programs.

Most private health insurers cover the costs of enrolling in our day programs. There may be an excess and/or co-payment depending on your level of cover.

We can provide care through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Work Cover. We also welcome self-funded patients.

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You can choose to see one of our psychiatrists who specialises in helping people with depression. You can see a psychiatrist for individual appointments, in combination with a day program or as an inpatient.

What to expect?

Our psychiatrists will keep you informed about your rights regarding confidentiality, speak with you about your wellbeing, and work with you to develop a plan towards recovery. This plan can involve therapy and/or medication.

Single or ongoing appointments with your private psychiatrist are available.

Referrals and costs

A referral from a general practitioner is needed to see a private psychiatrist.

There is often a one-off fee for your first appointment with a private psychiatrist. We recommend you call your psychiatrist's rooms to check this cost before your appointment.

If your psychiatrist recommends you enrol in one of our anxiety treatment programs, the costs of these programs are covered by most private health insurers. Any excess and/or co-payment depends on your level of cover.

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