Bipolar disorder manifests in unusual shifts in mood, energy and activity levels, ranging from high moods known as manic episodes to low moods known as depressive episodes. Our evidence-based treatments for bipolar disorder can help you live a full and balanced life.

Our holistic approach to treatment supports your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our programs are based on cognitive behavioural therapy and are tailored to meet your needs.

Our bipolar program

Topics explored in our bipolar programs may include:

  • understanding and managing bipolar disorder
  • identifying your signs and symptoms of mania, hypomania or depression
  • challenging and managing negative and other unhelpful thoughts
  • stress reduction through mindfulness or other activities.

Our programs are delivered by qualified psychologists and allied health therapists who work closely with psychiatrists, other psychologists, nurses and allied health professionals. You may participate in group programs with other patients, or one-on-one sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Our inpatient program can help you with the acute symptoms of your condition. Where outpatient programs are offered, we may focus on recovery and relapse prevention. Your general practitioner or psychiatrist will refer you to the program that best suits your needs.

Benefits of bipolar treatment

Treatment has benefits for many people. It can allow you to gain better control of your mood swings and other symptoms and can provide support, education, and guidance for you and your family or support network.

Other benefits may include:

  • learning about your own triggers for mania, hypomania, or depression
  • developing an understanding of your own signs or symptoms of mania, hypomania or depression
  • learning new skills and techniques to help control and manage bipolar disorder
  • reducing distress and worry regarding your mood states.

These benefits depend on your particular circumstances and require your full participation. You should consult a specialist in this area before deciding whether our care is suitable for you.