Thank a caregiver

At St John of God Murdoch Hospital, we like to harness the experience and advice of our community members to ultimately enhance the Hospital’s decision-making process through increased engagement with our consumers.

Is there a caregiver at our hospital who has provided exceptional person-centred care that you would like to recognise?

At St John of God Murdoch Hospital, we celebrate excellent patient care in many ways, including our Caregiver of the Month award.

Each month, one caregiver is chosen to receive this award and is recognised for the incredible care they are providing to our patients and their families.

Whether you are a patient, caregiver, doctor, visitor, or family member, we encourage you to nominate a caregiver who made a difference during your time in hospital.

In the form below, please let us know how the caregiver’s actions stood out to you, including as many details as possible.

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