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Community, arts and social outreach

Being actively involved in arts and community partnerships is part of the St John of God Murdoch Hospital ethos.


St John of God Murdoch Hospital childrens ward

Art and health

Our linking corridor hosts some incredible exhibitions and collections throughout the year. Patients, visitors and members of the community are welcome to visit us and view our collections, which are announced via our news page.

2021 collections include the 2020 Lester Portrait Prize, local painter John McIntosh 'Hunting of the Snark' and 'Alice (Down the Rabbit-Hole)'

2020 collections include the 2019 Lester Portrait Prize entrants and Brad Rimmer's 'Forever and Ever' exhibition.

2019 hosted the Richard Woldendorp OAM collection.

2018 we featured the John McIntosh series 'The Snark'.

More information about St John of God Health Care art and health initiatives is available here.

Music therapy at Murdoch

Music therapy with our registered music therapist is available at Murdoch. If you are interested in this service, please ask your caregiver for a referral.

Music Therapy is an evidence based allied health practice in which music is the therapeutic tool used to actively support people in improving health, functioning and wellbeing. Australian healthcare facilities have been offering music therapy since the 1970’s and there is a strong research base outlining the effectiveness of music therapy interventions on various health and wellbeing needs. Some interventions used in music therapy include song sharing (live or prerecorded), therapeutic singing, therapeutic song writing, lyric analysis, music for relaxation.

Djaalinj Waakinj Project

The Djaalinj Waakinj Project is a partnership between the Telethon Kids Institute, Dr George Sim and St John of God Murdoch Hospital will offer essential surgery at no cost for a group of Aboriginal children suffering severe ear infections.

Sporting and community sponsorship


We sponsor community citizenship and service awards for students at our local schools, and also provide opportunities for art exhibitions, music performances and other activities for students.


Each year we support the Melville City Council Art Awards and Telethon Community Cinemas at Murdoch. We also sponsor WAFL clubs East Fremantle Football Club and South Fremantle Football Club Womens League, as well as other local community sports. 

Support for disability services

We have partnered with BIZLINK and Intelife to employ more people with disabilities at St John of God Murdoch Hospital.

BIZLINK helps people with disabilities prepare for and find employment, providing ongoing support once they are employed.

Intelife provides opportunities for people experiencing barriers to finding work because of their disability.