Our maternity options

At St John of God Murdoch Hospital, we offer different models of maternity care to suit your needs. 

St John of God Murdoch Hospital has a number of different models of care to suit those with or without private health insurance, these include:

  1. Fully private model funded by private health insurance
    Choose a dedicated specialist obstetrician for all your care. This service is available to patients who hold Gold Level private health insurance coverage.

  2. Private model funded by the patient
    Choose a dedicated specialist obstetrician for your care and opt to self-fund your hospital stay.

  3. Low Gap or shared care model of care
    Some of our private GP Obstetricians and the 'One for Women' service can provide lower cost private obstetric care under a GP obstetrician shared care model.

We understand that this is a special time for you and your family and comparing these models alongside the public maternity offering is an important way to ensure you understand all your choices and to get the support you need during your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Private maternity care

When you choose your own private obstetrician, you get to develop a ongoing relationship with one expert who provides a dedicated maternity care experience throughout pregnancy, labour and postnatally at their private consulting rooms.

Your obstetrician will attend the birth and care for you during your stay at St John of God Murdoch Hospital. They will understand your birthing preferences and be the medical lead for your baby’s birth into the world.

During your pregnancy, typically you see your chosen obstetrician:

  • monthly, until approximately 28 weeks
  • every two weeks, until 36 weeks; and then
  • weekly, until the birth of your baby.

Your private health insurance will fund the majority of your costs. Out-of-pocket costs will depend on your obstetrician. You can call obstetrician rooms for an outline their costs.

Next steps:

Ask your GP for a referral to a specific obstetrician.

Low cost option

When you choose low Gap or shared care model of care maternity care you are cared for by a team of obstetricians, midwives, nurses and other clinicians rather than one single obstetrician.
This service is provided by One for Women
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Next steps:
Ask your GP for a referral to One for Women.