Mental health services

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St John of God Murdoch Hospital is set to provide outpatient (day) services for adult patients with a referral from early 2022.

Mental health team at Murdoch

From early 2022, structured day mental health group programs will be offered in consulting suites at the St John of God Wexford Medical Centre at Murdoch, while construction of the stand-alone 72-bed facility on the same campus progresses. 

Patients will be able to receive treatment for a range of disorders including:

  • low self-esteem
  • depression
  • anxiety 
  • anger management 

The groups are therapeutic and all programs develop skills and effective practical strategies for people experiencing mental health disorders or harmful effects of their behaviours.

The team providing patient-facing services is led by Mental Health Lead Dr Chinar Goel, Deputy Lead Dr Stefan Schutte and Deputy Director of Nursing Monica Taylor.

Note: the service is not yet accepting referrals.

To find out more about our group programs starting early 2022, please contact our Deputy Director of Nursing - Mental Health, Monica Taylor:

New mental health facility

Work is currently underway for a stand-alone mental health facility on the St John of God Murdoch Hospital campus, which will be the first of its kind catering for youth in Western Australia.

More information:

Mental health services set to begin - 9 July 2021

Murdoch set to open the first mental health facility for WA youth and adolescence - 16 September 2020

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