Mental health services set to begin

Group mental health services for outpatients fills the need for immediate care as development of St John of God Murdoch Hospital’s inpatient facility gets underway.

26 Jul 2021

Murdoch Mental Health Facility Architect image

St John of God Murdoch Hospital will mark a milestone in the delivery of mental health services when day programs commence for patients at the hospital in early 2022. 

The new service is a step towards the new $45m mental health facility, which is on track to deliver much needed inpatient services for Western Australia when completed in late 2023.

Structured day mental health group programs will be offered in consulting suites at the St John of God Wexford Medical Centre at Murdoch, while construction of the stand-alone 72-bed facility on the same campus progresses.

Patients can receive treatment for a range of disorders such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and anger management. The groups are therapeutic and all programs develop skills and effective practical strategies for people experiencing mental health disorders or harmful effects of their behaviours.

St John of God Murdoch Hospital Chief Executive Officer Ben Edwards said the high calibre of mental health professionals appointed to develop the new services have the extensive experience and knowledge to meet the integral need for private mental health services in the southern Perth metropolitan area.

“There is unmet need in the youth and adolescent services and this will form half of the new facility’s inpatient beds,” he said.

“While mental illness can develop at any point in a person’s life, about 75 per cent of people will first experience problems in late adolescence and early adulthood.  Prompt access to appropriate health professionals is critical, so young people can receive the help and care they need to ensure best quality of life.”

“These services will offer a dedicated contemporary specialist youth and adolescent program as well as services for adults experiencing mental health disorders,” she said. 

Being integrated as part of the wider hospital campus, means that cohesive care is offered across the continuum; ensuring that people have access to the care at the right time and in a familiar environment.

Development of the standalone facility at St John of God Murdoch Hospital is underway and scheduled to open in 2023. Initially planned to have 48 beds, the hospital has increased that to 72 planned beds to allow for significant community need.

The new mental health facility is the first step in the next phase of development at St John of God Murdoch Hospital, with additional operating theatres and beds coming on line next.

St John of God Health Care is a major provider of mental health services across Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales and plans to expand these services nationally to meet growing community need.