Nursing and midwifery research at Ballarat

In collaboration with the Australian Catholic University, St John of God Ballarat Hospital is are undertaking an extensive nursing and midwifery clinical research, led by St John of God Health Care Eastern Region Professor of Nursing Karen Francis.

Our commitment led to the launch of the Ballarat Collaborative Health Research Centre in November 2016, a joint initiative between St John of God Ballarat Hospital, Ballarat Health Services, Australian Catholic University and Federation University

  • Nursing is a complex and changing profession and it is imperative that nursing practice and developments are based on high quality research information.  
  • Having a solid base of nursing research allows us to measure patient care improvements as a result of nursing practice changes. Improved patient care leads to better outcomes.
  • Promoting innovative nursing practice through clinical research.
  • Nurse-led nursing and midwifery research that focuses on improving current processes to improve patient care.
  • Involving our caregivers and fostering links between clinicians and academics. 
Professor of Nursing, St John of God Health Care Eastern Region
Professor Karen Francis

Assistant Director of Nursing
Michael Ryan

Research Assistant
Dr Carolyn Staines

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