Urology involves the diagnosis and treatment of urinary system conditions in men and women, as well as conditions in the male reproductive system.

Urologists treat organs including the kidneys, adrenals, prostate, bladder and testes.

Common urological conditions include urinary tract infection, bladder cancer, kidney stones and incontinence. Urologists also treat prostate cancer, enlargement of the prostate and both benign and cancerous conditions affecting the the testes and penis.

Our specialists put your needs front and centre and respect your dignity when you access treatment and ongoing management.

Our urological services

Our urologists, oncologists, radiologists, registered nurses and allied health professionals work together to provide holistic care and comprehensive urology services.

A number of specialised procedures and surgeries may be available, including:

  • urologic oncology
  • robotic surgery
  • urogynaecology
  • brachytherapy
  • reconstructive urology
  • penile prosthetic surgery
  • lithotripsy.

Many urological procedures can be performed as day surgery however, you may also need to stay overnight or for several days after surgery.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australian men, but with early detection, it can be cured.  Our hospitals focus on early detection, as well as giving you access to the most advanced robotic surgical techniques, along with brachytherapy and state of the art radiation treatments.

Benefits of our urology services 

Our urological services offer a range of benefits, including:

  • a multidisciplinary team of urologists, oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, registered nurses and allied health professionals
  • access to the latest technology, including the Da Vinci Surgical Robotics System
  • the option for day surgery, so you can recover in your own home
  • ongoing support once you’ve left hospital
  • the highest levels of care and empathy from our team of qualified caregivers.

Find a urologist

Use our Find A Specialist website search and search by sub-specialty and location to find the right urologist to suit you or your patients' needs.

Robotic-assisted surgery

Our hospital is equipped with the latest robotic-assisted surgical equipment, the da Vinci Xi Surgical System, which surgeons can use when undertaking a range of procedures.

We offer you quick access to minimally invasive surgery, with the technology enabling your surgeon to plan your procedure and make precision incisions to reduce the impact on surrounding muscles and tissues.

This can mean you experience a fast recovery in hospital and at home, and you may experience less pain after surgery.

You can search for a specialist who works at our hospital and specialises in robotic surgery through our Find A Specialist search, or speak to your specialist about whether robotic-assisted surgery is available for your procedure.