Nursing jobs

Our nurses are the heart of Murdoch. We are currently fast tracking applications for nursing roles. 

As our busy hospital continues to grow and add services, we need the best and brightest caregivers to help provide exceptional patient experiences.

What positions are available?

Come and join our pool of nursing caregivers to try out which ward you like and where you see your future development. Hours and days are flexible to meet the needs of your commitments outside of work. We believe in a great work and life balance so together, let’s find what works for you.

Or you can apply for our specialised areas:

Email Sarah-Jayne Powell, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience for a conversation about your future and fast-tracked recruitment.

We work hard because we care

We care about our patients receiving the best clinical and compassionate care and we care about our team members. 

While you’re busy caring for others, the hospital is busy caring about you. We invest in our people with training, and professional and personal development. These aren’t just throw away lines, we mean it.

We are looking for people with a good work ethic. You’ll be rewarded with employee benefits and perks beyond your pay, but there’s also something you can’t put a price on. You’ll go home feeling fulfilled about a solid day’s work. Work that has made a huge difference in someone’s life.

Applications now open

We are currently accepting interest from Enrolled & Registered Nurses.

Looking to re-start your nursing future after a family break or time in another career? We can fast-track your re-entry to nursing.

Search our current job vacancies or find out more about working with us and becoming a caregiver with St John of God Health Care.

For a confidential and informal chat with us or a walk through our facilities, please contact:

Sarah-Jayne Powell, Director of Nursing
Tel:  (08) 9438 9966
Email: [email protected]

Heart of Murdoch
Registered and Enrolled Nurses - Orthopaedic and Neurosurgical