Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is medically supervised rehabilitation focused on improving your heart health and wellbeing.

Two patients talking while using rehabilitation equipment

Accessing cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack, cardiac surgery or cardiac disease is an important part of your recovery.

Our cardiac rehabilitation services provide education and support for you and your family through a personalised program developed by our team of health professionals.

Our program will teach you how to make lifestyle and behavioural choices to minimise risks of future heart problems. It also provides mental and emotional support to help you identify and address any anxiety and depression you may feel.

Our cardiac rehabilitation services

Our cardiac rehabilitation services can include:

  • Group and individual education and exercise sessions to help you understand your condition and how other factors can contribute to your health.
  • Group sessions which are a great way for you to link up with others who have also experienced a heart event.
  • Information about your heart condition and what you can do to make better lifestyle and behavioural choices to reduce your risk of future health problems.
  • Strategies to reduce fear and anxiety that can be a result of your heart condition - this includes bringing your family and support networks together so they can better understand how your heart condition can impact your life.
  • Links to community support services to make sure you continue to access care and education into the future.


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Referrals can be faxed to: 

St John of God Geelong Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Services
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