Quality, safety and care

At St John of God Geelong Hospital we strive to provide our patients with safe, effective and high quality care. Our caregivers are highly skilled and trained, and are committed to ongoing professional development. We consistently review our processes to ensure our patients have the best possible experience while staying at our hospital.

We're partners in your care

We strive to give you the information you need to be informed and make decisions during your visit. It is important to us that you are actively involved in your care.
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In Australia, all public and private hospitals are assessed against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS).

The standards set out the level of care you should expect when staying in any hospital. They are designed to keep patients safe and improve the quality of health care.

All of our hospitals undergo regular accreditation assessments. You can view the assessment and rating of any St John of God Health Care hospital by searching on the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) website.

Quality and safety measurement

St John of God Health Care takes steps to reduce risk and ensure you have a safe, high quality experience at our hospitals.

Please visit the page links below for further information.

Patient feedback

Patient feedback is actively monitored. We measure and review patient experience and satisfaction.

What to do with this information

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On these pages you will find information that explains:

  • how St John of God Health Care performs against national safety and quality benchmarks
  • what we do to ensure you receive safe, high quality care in hospital, and 
  • what you can do to ensure you receive high quality care during your hospital visit.

Be sure to talk to your health care provider if this information raises questions or concerns for you.


Patient Safety and Clinical Excellence Framework

Every person who seeks care at St John of God Health Care has the right to expect safe, and high quality health care. Our aim is to consistently deliver a care experience that not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of our patients and clients, always striving to achieve excellent clinical outcomes. Fundamental to delivering on our promise is a coordinated and robust approach to clinical governance.

Our Patient Safety and Clinical Excellence Framework describes the way in which we operationalise our approach to clinical governance. The Framework is intended to provide guidance to all of our caregivers, including medical and allied health practitioners with whom we partner, regarding our commitment to creating an environment that maintains and safeguards the highest standards of clinical care.