Dietitians offer expert advice on nutrition and diet, to help you make changes to improve your long term health and wellbeing. You may see a dietitian as part of your health care plan.


Medical nutrition therapy  assesses your nutritional needs and offers advice on eating to help improve your health and wellbeing.

Dietitians work with people who cannot meet their nutritional needs with normal oral intake alone.

Problems such as micronutrient deficiencies, dehydration, over hydration, overfeeding or malnutrition could occur if nutrition support is not managed appropriately.

Your dietitian will assess, diagnose and treat any dietary and nutritional problems you may have to ensure your nutrition support is designed to meet your needs and help you in your recovery  

Dietitians help find dietary options to manage, prevent and treat a range of medical conditions. Our dietitians use the most up-to-date, evidence-based care to provide food information and education.

We work closely with you to find options which are practical, achievable and suited to your eating habits and lifestyle.

Our leading rehabilitation programs focus on a whole-of-person approach, with a team of specialised health care professionals working together to provide you with a personalised care plan.

Dietetics as part of your rehabilitation plan

A dietitian can be a valuable member of your health care team if you need to look at changes to your diet and nutrition.

Your dietitian may:

  • Identify nutrition problems and assess your nutritional status while in hospital 
  • look at your existing diet and nutrition to see if it is impacting your health and fitness
  • plan an appropriate diet with you for better health, providing guidance and education on special diet modifications relevant to your surgery and or disease
  • provide education sessions on the value of good diet and nutrition
  • assess, promote, protect, and enhance your health and recovery relevant to your nutrition-related disease
  • help you plan for the future with meal ideas and recipes for when you are at home.