Parent education

Parents often need a wide range of support and guidance when it comes to preparing for the arrival of their new baby, particularly if it is their first.


Due to state safety restrictions, information on this page may be subject to change. Please see our COVID-19 information for the latest details and how you may be affected.

We hope to see parents experience as much confidence and joy as they can – from your pregnancy, baby’s birth, and beyond, as you transition into parenthood. That’s why we offer comprehensive parent education services, maternity unit tours, booking-in clinics and telephone support.

Our parent education classes cover many aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and early parenting. These relaxed, informal classes hosted by experienced midwives offer you a safe environment to learn, share and ask questions. Some classes may involve other health professionals qualified to speak on a particular topic.

Maternity tours

Due to COVID-19 our in-person tours are currently on hold.

Prenatal classes

We offer a range of parent education options for you and your partner during pregnancy which cover a range of topics to help you prepare to welcome your baby into the world.

The childbirth and parenting class is a one day workshop covering birth and parenting skills. The ideal time to do these classes are around 32-34 weeks of gestation.

Topics covered in the class include:

Birth Topics

  • Normal labour and normal birth
  • Admission to hospital
  • Pain management
  • Non Pharmacological
  • Pharmacological
  • Other possibilities
  • Induction and augmentation
  • Fetal heart rate monitoring
  • Medically assisted birth caesarean/ forceps and vacuum

Parenting Topics

  • Estimating the workload
  • Normal newborn behaviour
  • Crying, settling and sleep
  • Prevention of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Perinatal emotional health
  • Routine postnatal ward care
  • Postnatal healing and recovery
  • Basic baby care
  • Pet safety


  • Upcoming dates: All classes are run on a Sunday. You can view available dates and register your interest via the booking link below. 
  • Time: 10.00am to 3.00pm
  • Cost: An out of pocket expense will occur for uninsured patients and those giving birth at hospitals other than St John of God Geelong Hospital. There is generally no out of pocket expense for privately insured patients giving birth at St John of God Geelong Hospital, however, please check with your health fund if you are unsure if your class will be covered.
  • Bookings: Register your interest. 


Places are limited to please register your interest to reserve your booking. If you miss out on your preferred session, your name will automatically be placed on a waitlist for the next session.

For new parents preparing for birth and parenthood can be daunting.

To assist parents in preparing for birth – whether it is their first baby or fourth time round St John of God Geelong Hospital is now offering a two hour Mindful Birth Workshop focusing on educating parents to be about alternative breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation in labour and delivery. We want to prepare mothers for a positive birth experience and assist with putting their mind at ease. 

Our Mindful Birth educator and St John of God Geelong Hospital midwife Meredith Fields is a registered Calmbirth instructor and describes the birthing environment and facilities on offer for women. 

‘We have a dark room for the women to come into, and we have aromatherapy and meditation music playing. The women experience a low-stimulus environment, so we don’t question them about pain relief. They let us know if they want something, otherwise, we allow them to relax in the environment. We use language such as surges and waves instead of contractions to allow women to feel more at ease.’ 

Our Mindful Birth Workshop is an exciting addition to our parent education offerings giving women and their partners an opportunity to experience a deep sense of connection and calmness within themselves and the birth of their baby. 


2022 Dates: 13 October and 24 November
Location: Education Room, 80 Myers Street Geelong 3220
Days: Thursday evening  6.00pm to 8.00pm, bookings essential
Gestation: 34 weeks optimal (32 – 36)
Cost: $100 per for St John of God Geelong Hospital booked couples / $150 for non St John of God Geelong Hospital couples. 

To book your place in one of our upcoming classes call 03 5226 8866.

The breastfeeding class is an education session run on afternoon to increase your knowledge surrounding the positioning and attachment of the baby at the breast.

This class is suitable for first time mothers and second time mother who may have experienced difficulties feeding their first baby.

We also have a Lactation Consultant, which we will discuss with you.


  • 2021 Dates: Visit the Bookings link below to view available dates
  • Time: Wednesday class 10am - noon / Tuesday class 11am - 1pm (depending on selected date)
  • Cost: An out of pocket expense will occur for uninsured patients and those giving birth at hospitals other than St John of God Geelong Hospital. There is generally no out of pocket expense for privately insured patients giving birth at St John of God Geelong Hospital however please check with your health fund if you are unsure if your class will be covered.
  • Bookings: Register your interest

Our Lactation Clinic offers one hour consultations aiming to provide education and support to women who require additional assistance with breastfeeding. The lactation clinic is staffed by experienced lactation consultants who provide support and specialised breastfeeding advice in a relaxed and confidential atmosphere. We also offer antenatal consultations to pregnant women with breastfeeding concerns or previous breastfeeding difficulties. 

The St John of God Geelong Hospital Lactation Clinic can help with issues including:

  • positioning and attachment advice
  • management of sore nipples
  • assessment of milk supply
  • medications and breastfeeding
  • feeding support for twins or triplets
  • cleft lip and or palate
  • mastitis
  • breast and nipple thrush
  • tongue-tie
  • any other breastfeeding concerns, including concerns arising during pregnancy

Appointments for this clinic can be made by anyone, regardless of their birth hospital.

Location: Lactation Clinic, Level 3, Women’s Health Unit, 80 Myers Street Geelong 3220
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9.00am to 12.00pm (by appointment only)
Cost: $100 per consultation for mums birthing at St John of God Geelong Hospital; $150 for mums birthing elsewhere

To make an appointment please contact:
Tel: 03 5226 8866

Would you know what to do for your child during an emergency? This course will give you the confidence to know what to do to keep your child safe and healthy.

What happens in the first few minutes immediately after an accident or medical incident can make all the difference. Learn how to stay calm, take control of the situation and respond in the critical moments before help arrives.

Presented by Parentmedic ambassador and Emergency Nurse Prudence Fletcher, this two hour class will give you the gift of confidence as a parent knowing exactly what to do to keep your child safe and healthy. 

Remember, your knowledge of first-aid could be vital to your child's well-being.

Register your interest now

More information and support

Registered patients are welcome to contact our maternity unit with pregnancy-related concerns or questions they might have.

A registered midwife will assess your situation and refer you to the most appropriate service.

For example, they might:

  • invite you in to the maternity unit for a further check or to begin your labour
  • recommend you present to an emergency department for specialised medical care
  • advise you to liaise with your obstetrician or GP.

Please contact us if you:

  • have any concerns related to your pregnancy
  • think you are in labour
  • are experiencing any blood loss from your vaginal area or a rupture of membranes (‘waters breaking’)
  • have a severe headache and/or visual disturbances such as blurred vision
  • experience intense abdominal pain
  • notice reduced baby movements.

Please fill in the form below for more information or contact us on:

Tel: 03 5226 8888
Email: [email protected]


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