Pulmonary rehabilitation

If you have a chronic lung condition such as emphysema, chronic asthma or pulmonary fibrosis, you may benefit from our pulmonary rehabilitation program. 

Patient legs on rehabilitation ball with caregiver beside them

Our health care specialists work with you and your family and carers to develop a personalised plan that combines education and exercise to help you manage your condition.

We provide ongoing care to identify your rehabilitation goals and develop strategies to help you achieve your aims and get you back to living a full and active life.

Our pulmonary rehabilitation program

The best way to manage your lung condition is to be in the best health possible.

Your health care plan may include:

  • an assessment before you start your program so we can measure your improvement and progress
  • a personalised exercise program to help you walk further with less shortness of breath
  • information on how to manage your medication and your health
  • education and support to help you understand the benefits of exercise, healthy diet and ways to manage your stress and anxiety
  • links to community support services.

The benefits to you may include:

  • improved fitness and ability to exercise for longer
  • greater ability to function with day-to-day activities
  • improved quality of life as you are able to do more
  • improved knowledge about your lung condition and strategies to help you better manage your health.

You can participate in this rehabilitation program if you are on daily oxygen therapy.

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For more information, please contact the Geelong Outpatient Rehabilitation Unit:

Phone: 03 5226 1334

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