Outpatient rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation occurs when you visit a hospital or rehabilitation service for treatment without having to stay overnight, or when you receive care in your home after being in hospital following an injury, illness or surgery.

Person sitting on a chair in a rehabilitation gymnasium undergoing an exercise holding a baton shaped instrument in each hand

We provide a range of outpatient rehabilitation services, allowing you to access specialist support at hospital and then recover in the comfort of your home and community.

Reasons why rehabilitation is offered for outpatients

Rehabilitation may continue outside the hospital to continue or improve your health and wellbeing for a variety of conditions including:

  • cardiac
  • oncology
  • falls and balance
  • general reconditioning
  • orthopaedic care
  • neurological events or disease
  • pain management
  • spinal surgery or injury
  • amputee rehabilitation.

Our outpatient services benefits

  • May help you maintain your health after injury, illness or surgery, either in your home, or through day programs.
  • Follow a personalised health care plan that may include a mix of health care services such as physiotherapy, exercise therapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy.
  • Allow you to stay in your own home while building strength and mobility.


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