Acute services

Our acute services help you, as a busy GP, to easily refer your patients to our hospital so they can access our leading private care and avoid public hospital wait times.

You are now able to refer patients to St John of God Subiaco Hospital’s three acute services via one, easy to remember hotline,1800 SUBIHELP (1800 782 443):

  • Chest Pain Centre
  • Acute Medical Unit
  • Hand Trauma Service

In collaboration with Western Cardiology, this service offers 24/7 emergency access for privately insured patients presenting with chest pain or other acute cardiac symptoms.

The service includes an acute admission and assessment area, Coronary Care Unit and non-invasive cardiac investigation facilities.

Please call 1800 782 443 and select ‘option 1’.

For fast hospital admission, acutely unwell patients with private hospital cover can now be referred to the Acute Medical Unit (AMU).

This service is available seven days a week between 8.00am and 8.00pm, and is led by on-call physicians, resident medical officers and our highly experienced nurses.

The following clinical exclusions apply:

  • patients awaiting care placement
  • acute abdominal pain
  • GI bleed
  • patients requiring companions for wandering or aggression
  • potential stroke
  • dialysis
  • dyscopia
  • anyone who has had major primary surgery elsewhere in the last 10 days


Please call 1800 782 443 and select ‘option 2’.

In collaboration with our leading orthopaedic and plastic surgeons, this service offers 24/7 emergency access for workers compensation patients and private patients presenting with hand trauma, ensuring fast hospital admission and surgery.

This service is available to treat all hand injuries, such as:

  • crush injuries
  • amputations
  • lacerations
  • fractures
  • high pressure injection injuries
  • tendon and/or ligament repairs.


Please call 1800 782 443 and select ‘option 3’.