Self-funded care at St John of God Subiaco Hospital

Private hospital treatment without health insurance.

If you do not have private health insurance we can assist you to access appropriate treatment at a private St John of God Health Care hospital through our 'self-funded care' option.

Self-funding is a simple process where you can pay for private surgeries or treatments in our hospitals, even if you don't have private health insurance. You can also fund your care with the support of one of our payment providers (available at some private hospitals).

By choosing to self-fund your care you will receive comprehensive private hospital care with:

  • quick access, avoiding public hospital waiting lists
  • your choice of specialist who cares for you from your initial consultation through to surgery, in hospital and after discharge
  • your choice of hospital

How do I self-fund my treatment?

Step 1

1. General practitioner
See your general practitioner (GP) and get a referral to see the specialist of your choice.

Step 2

2. Book appointment
Book an appointment with your specialist and check that they offer self-funding.

Step 3

3. Estimates
Request up-front estimates of the costs involved with your treatment.

Step 4

4. Book surgery
Book your surgery with your specialist.

Step 5

5. Payment
Choose your payment method and pay your cost estimate prior to admission.

Step 6

6. After discharge
After discharge, any refunds or additional costs are processed.

Alternative payment provider

Patients may also be able to pay using an alternative payment provider option:

Alternative payment option - TLC

If you want to seek a different payment option, TLC is a patient funding platform that can cover medical fees from $2,000 - $50,000. This can include specialist doctor, anaesthetist, hospital, after-care and pharmaceutical fees.

  • Interest and limits apply. TLC will discuss eligibility based on employment and Centrelink status. Insured and self-funded patients may apply.
  • For further information and to get started, visit the TLC website.

Common FAQs about self-funded care

Here are some answers to common questions about self-funding medical or surgical care in a private hospital.

Every patient is different but some of the costs involved with treatment in hospital may include:

  • the surgeon, surgical assistant, and anaesthetist fees
  • general hospital costs (inclusive of nursing care, theatre, accommodation, and any other incidentals)
  • medications
  • blood tests and diagnostic imaging (x-rays and scans).

You may need to request separate estimates for each of these costs, and make separate payments.

If you hold a valid Medicare card, you may also be entitled to claim some money back for medical, pathology and imaging bills. Your specialist and the hospital admissions team will advise before treatment if you are eligible to claim.

There may be some circumstances where the cost of your treatment and care is different to the amount you were estimated and paid up-front prior to admission. This could occur if your needs change during surgery or if you require additional or less time in hospital to recover.

We will outline all expected and potential costs prior to admission. Any additional costs will be discussed with you, including the reasons these costs were incurred and the options for payment. Any adjustments or refunds will be processed after your discharge.

Many specialist doctors offer a self-funding option for patients who don't have health insurance, but it is best to confirm this when you make your initial appointment with your doctor.

You can search for a doctor who treats self-funded patients on our Find A Specialist service – simply check the ‘treats self-funded patients’ box under ‘more options’. Search now.

Pay my bill

If you have received an invoice for any out-of-pocket expenses associated with your stay you can pay these charges online. View this location's Pay My Bill page to see what options are available.

More information on self-funded care

For more information or to discuss with the hospital, please contact (08) 9382 6171.

Rachel's story of self-funded care

"Being able to self-fund my care through the private hospital meant I didn't need to wait for surgery and could choose my surgeon who I have complete faith and trust in."