A longer stay. More time to bond.

You don't have to rush the special times with private maternity services at St John of God Subiaco Hospital.

From dream to birth and beyond – we’re with you.

When you choose St John of God Subiaco Hospital, you are choosing the option to have your partner stay with you overnight, a longer hospital stay, your own obstetrician, and access to breastfeeding and mental health support with us. We also offer emergency and specialist neonatal care, all with the support and care of our midwives, nurses and experienced caregivers. 

Your maternity choice

When you choose St John of God Subiaco Hospital for your maternity care, you are giving your baby an exceptional start to life. We welcome your partner to stay with you on our ward and offer emergency care, specialist neonatal care, experienced obstetricians and comprehensive parent education to give you everything you need.

Our support for you and your family

The care you receive from your obstetrician and our midwives and nurses supports you through your pregnancy, birth and into the early days of parenthood including with breastfeeding and mental health. 

Our obstetricians

Our obstetricians are leaders in their field and choose to work at St John of God Subiaco Hospital knowing you receive the highest standard of care before, during and after your stay.

What you need to know

Find out more about your maternity journey, from the first, second and third trimester, birth, breastfeeding, and beyond. Not yet pregnant? Don’t worry, we have all the information you need too.

Ask us more about our maternity services

Thinking of starting and expanding your family? Or have you just found out you are pregnant? Ask us about our maternity services, or let us know if you are keen to attend a maternity ward tour, and one of our maternity caregivers will be back in touch.
One of our caregivers will contact you during business hours.