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Bunbury Caregiver of the Month award

At St John of God Bunbury Hospital we place great focus on recognising and celebrating caregivers who provide a high quality service and contribute to our success as an organisation.

Caregiver smiling and standing in a ward setting

We encourage caregivers, patients and visitors to recognise someone they feel has done an amazing job and provided exceptional support.
Our Caregiver of the Month award recognises those who help to bring our Mission and Values to life in the workplace.
Winners receive a certificate and a gift voucher as a gesture of thanks for their efforts. 

Submitting a nomination

Anyone can submit a nomination using the form shown below, this includes caregivers, patients, their families, volunteers and visitors to the hospital. 
All caregivers, excluding the senior executive team, are eligible to be nominated for Caregiver of the Month. This includes clinical and non-clinical caregivers, volunteers and casuals. 
Nominations should outline how a caregiver contributes to the organisation; such as how they  demonstrate  commitment to their role, go over and above to support others and demonstrate and model the Values of St John of God Health Care on a regular basis. 
Please include as much information as possible to support your nomination. Keep in mind that the selection panel may not know the person you are nominating, so it is important to clearly explain why you feel the caregiver is deserving. 
If you are a caregiver please keep in mind it is important to provide specific examples on how an individual regularly demonstrates their commitment to the Values and Service Ethos.  
If you have any queries on the nomination process, please email [email protected]

Nomination process

All nominations are reviewed by the Caregiver of the Month Selection Panel. 

Judging criteria 

The Selection Panel assesses each nomination against the following key selection criteria: 

  • How well does the nominee exemplify the St John of God Health Care Values and Service Ethos?
  • Is the behaviour described in the nomination ‘above and beyond’ the usual requirements of the nominee’s role?
  • Does the behaviour described in the nomination have an impact beyond the nominees immediate work area?

St John of God Bunbury Hospital nomination form