Breast cancer surgery

Breast cancer surgery may be a part of your overall cancer treatment plan. Our caregivers have the expertise and understanding to help you feel supported before, during and after your surgery.

Breast surgery may be required for diagnosed or suspected cancer or due to some benign conditions.

We offer access to leading breast surgeons, reconstructive surgeons and other breast cancer specialists who reassure you along your journey as well as providing access to a range of clinical and diagnostic services.

Your consulting specialist will discuss your procedure in detail, what you can expect and any special after surgery requirements.

Your breast surgery will be performed in one of our operating theatres using the latest technology and surgical equipment. Our facilities provide a comfortable environment for you to rest and recover after surgery.

Breast cancer surgery procedures

Procedures include:

Breast-conserving surgery

This surgery removes a breast cancer and a small amount of tissue around it, and possibly some lymph nodes. Depending on the circumstances, breast-conserving surgery may also be called a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy. Many of our surgeons are specialists in oncoplastic techniques which achieve the best cancer removal coupled with the best aesthetic outcome.


A mastectomy removes the whole breast, usually including the nipple and often one or more lymph nodes in the armpit. Women at high risk of developing breast cancer may choose to have a mastectomy.

Breast reconstruction

A breast reconstruction may be performed after your mastectomy, as a part of that surgery or some months later. This surgery rebuilds the shape and appearance of the breast. We provide a broad range of reconstruction options.

Other breast surgeries and procedures

We offer a range of procedures for benign breast conditions and for cosmetic procedures.

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