South West Cancer Accommodation Centre

The South West Accommodation Centre provides a home away from home for those travelling to Bunbury for cancer treatment.

It offers private rooms in a secure facility with access to all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, including a communal kitchen, dining room, laundry, multiple living spaces and an outdoor area and gardens.

All rooms include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Private bathroom
  • Free WiFi
  • Kitchenette (including mini fridge)
  • Telephone (billed)
  • Tablet device
  • Television


Accommodation is available to patients eligible for the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) or to patients experiencing hardship (determined by a social worker assessment).

Patients covered under the Department of Veterans’ Affairs gold or white card may also be able to access accommodation at the centre.

To arrange a booking at the centre, follow these steps

  1. Ask your general practitioner or health professional to send a patient referral to PATS or a social worker (for those experiencing hardship) for assessment
  2. Book your treatment
  3. Complete the reservation form or complete an online booking below
  4. If approved, send your reservation receipt (provided by our hospital) to PATS and request them to send a purchase order number to our hospital
  5. Bring your confirmation receipt (provided by the hospital after receipt of purchase order) to the centre on the day of your check-in 


In most cases the cost of accommodation is covered through the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme. If not, you will have to pay the gap.

Cost per night

  • Patient - $106.10
  • Carer or family member - $15
  • Carer (while patient is in hospital) - $121.10

Phone usage in the centre is charged and you will be asked to settle any outstanding account at check-out.


Contact Sue Demarte

Phone: 08 9722 1694 

Email: [email protected]