Unlock more benefits with your private health insurance at Berwick

Did you know your private health insurance unlocks a range of benefits when you choose to be treated at St John of God Berwick Hospital?

Unlock the benefits

When you choose to use your private health insurance and become a patient at our private hospital you can access:

  • minimal waiting times for care
  • your doctor of choice
  • compassionate private hospital care, close to home.

Unlock more benefits with your private health insurance at St John of God hospitals

Minimal waiting times for care

When you need medical or surgical care, you don’t want to wait. Our private hospital offers short waiting periods for surgery or medical care.

This means, when you choose to become a patient at our private hospital, you don’t have to wait for treatment. If your care is not urgent you can choose when to have your treatment at a time that suits your lifestyle.

Your doctor of choice

Your health is your most important asset, so it makes sense that you need to trust the people caring for you.

As a private hospital patient, you can choose your doctor or specialist to suit your needs and preferences.

Some of Australia’s leading and most experienced specialists choose to work at our hospital. You can find one to suit your needs by searching for one of our leading specialists.

Compassionate private care, close to home

Our private hospital is conveniently located close to you, giving you access to a range of services guided by our Values of Hospitality, Compassion, Respect, Justice and Excellence.

Why choose St John of God Berwick Hospital?

When you choose to receive your care at St John of God Berwick Hospital, you get access to:

  • a range of benefits to help make your stay in hospital as pleasant and as comfortable as possible
  • the only intensive care and cardio vascular catheter laboratory in the Casey-Cardinia region
  • over 100 years of healthcare experience

 We offer a range of medical and surgical services, and care provided by many of Melbourne's leading specialists.

Hear from our patients 

Our patients regularly tell us why they choose to be cared for at St John of God Berwick Hospital:

“The staff were amazing. Everyone is so friendly. From all the staff in theatre, to the nurses, the cleaning ladies and food staff.”

“When you are unwell, just to have staff around you that are so caring makes you feel a whole lot better.”

"Both my daughter and myself received the best care and support we could’ve asked for. The midwives were absolute angels through such a stressful time.”