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What does it mean to choose your doctor?

28 January 2021

Your private health care
Our Group Chief Executive Officer Dr Shane Kelly explains how, as a private patient, you can choose your doctor or specialist to suit your needs and preferences.

Your choice of specialist

There are many reasons you might prefer to be treated by one doctor over another, including their experience, a specific area of expertise, or cultural background. You may have a preference to see a male or female doctor or a doctor that speaks a language other than English.

Your family member or friend may also recommend a doctor to you based on their own experience.

Getting to choose your doctor to ensure you are treated by a highly trained and experienced specialist that meets your needs and preferences just makes sense.

Whatever your condition, whether that is knee pain, mental health care, maternity or rehabilitation support you can choose to be cared for by the doctor of your choice.

Our experienced specialists

When you choose to be treated as a private hospital patient with us, you get access to a wide range of specialists and can select the doctor of your choice.

Our specialists are experts in their fields, many of whom have sub-speciality training in addition to training to become a registered specialist.

To give you access to the latest technology and treatment options, many of our clinicians also participate in research.

This research importantly includes clinical trials whereby you have access to the latest drugs and treatments for a range of conditions including a number of different types of cancer.

Quick access to specialist care

By choosing to be cared for in a private hospital, you get quick access to our specialists who can provide consultations, treatment and surgery with minimal wait times.

Your specialist cares for you from initial consultation, in surgery, in hospital and all the way through to discharge and follow up care providing you with unparalleled continuity of care.

How do I get referred to my doctor of choice?

In general, your GP needs to provide you a referral to a specialist for treatment or surgery before you come to hospital.

When you speak to your GP about your referral, you can ask them for a referral to a particular specialist if you know which doctor you would like to see.

Alternatively, you can ask your GP for a referral to a doctor who works at your preferred hospital or for an open referral which lets you choose your doctor directly.

Find your specialist

To help you choose your doctor, all doctors who work at our hospitals can be found through our online Find a Specialist search, which includes their photo, biography, speciality, experience, gender and additional languages spoken.

You can find a doctor to suit your needs by searching for the doctor at your preferred hospitals.

Shane Kelly
Dr Shane Kelly - Former Group CEO

Dr Shane Kelly has more than 30 years’ experience in health care. He was St John of God Health Care's Group CEO from 2018 until 2022.