Joy maternity package

At St John of God Berwick Hospital, we offer two models of private maternity care - your choice of Premium Private and Joy.

A person sits in a chair holding a newborn baby whilst a caregiver sits on the bed beside them looking at the baby.

St John of God Berwick Hopsital Joy maternity packageIn addition to Premium Private Maternity Care, St John of God Berwick Hospital also offers a lower cost model of pregnancy care that may be suitable for some families to consider called Joy. 

If you choose to come to our private hospital using our Joy package you cannot choose your obstetrician. When you choose Joy maternity care you are cared for by a team of obstetricians, midwives, nurses and other clinicians instead of the one obstetrician.

During your pregnancy you will see a midwife and the obstetrician who is on duty at the Joy antenatal clinic. When you give birth, you will be cared for by the obstetrician on duty and our midwives. Joy maternity is a team care approach, this enables us to keep our fees as low as possible for you.

In the Joy model the first appointment is only offered from 12-14 weeks pregnancy. Due to high demand there can be long wait times - we work hard to fit in new appointments but you may not see an obstetrician until 18 to 20 weeks. 

The Joy model is suitable for straightforward pregnancies and mothers without pre-existing health issues. All patients are screened for suitability and not all will be accepted. In particular it is not suitable for: 

  • multiple births (twins, triplets)
  • pre-existing diabetes 
  • high-risk pregnancy management. 

It is important to know that if you are particularly anxious about your pregnancy, have a specific birth plan in mind, or if you are looking for the consistent support of the same doctor then your pregnancy and birth care is best provided by one chosen obstetrician under our premium private care model. In this model your chosen obstetrician sees you at every appointment and can respond to your individual needs. 

The lower cost Joy model only allows a shorter three night length of stay.

Fee information for Joy maternity care

The fees of the lower cost Joy model vary depending on your circumstances. Compare the options below for guidance on the likely costs depending on your needs:

  • Costs for Joy package for Medicare card holders with private health insurance.
  • Costs for Joy package for Medicare card holders without private health insurance.
  • Costs for Joy package for non-Medicare card holders with overseas private health insurance.
  • Costs for Joy package for non-Medicare card holders without private health insurance.

*You must allow a minimum of $1,000 additional funds for your ultrasounds 

Additional fees may be charged if you need to be admitted during pregnancy (other than to give birth), or if your baby requires admission to Special Care Nursery. These fees can be obtained from our business office on 03 8784 5000.

The above fees are estimates and can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. There may be additional costs associated with your pregnancy in addition to the fees listed above.

These fees may include ultrasounds, pathology, pharmacy, anaesthetic care, paediatric care, a surgical assistant, referrals to other specialists, ICU bed fee or fees if a higher level of care is required.

Please contact your health fund to confirm your obstetrics cover and if an excess payment is required. 

An anaesthetist will be required for pain relief in the case of a caesarean delivery or administering an epidural. A paediatrician will be required in the case of a caesarean delivery or if the baby requires medical attention.

This paediatrician and anaesthetist deposit of $3,000 is payable prior to admission for uninsured or patients with overseas insurance to cover anaesthetist or paediatrician fees. If the services of an anaesthetist or paediatrician are not required, this deposit will be fully refunded. If your overseas health insurance fund pays these fees then the deposit will be fully refunded.

For more information, please contact the Joy team on 03 8784 5800.

Interested in Berwick private maternity services?

To find out more about our maternity services please contact our maternity ward:

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