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The top 10 tips to choosing private maternity care

17 May 2018

Whether you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, it can be an overwhelming experience with an inundation of differing opinions. Midwife Emma Cook says choosing your maternity care is a personal choice but you should do your research to know what benefits choosing private maternity care can offer.

There are plenty or things to consider during pregnancy and one of the first you need to make is whether to choose private or public maternity services.

Our private maternity hospitals give you access to an obstetrician of your choice, option of a private room, ability for your partner to stay with you and the opportunity for a longer stay in hospital (if you so choose).


Top 10 tips to consider when choosing private maternity care

  1. Go on a maternity tour and see for yourself what a maternity ward looks like and meet the midwives
  2. Consider what type of care you feel comfortable with – private maternity care offers you consistent one–on-one care with the obstetrician of your choice
  3. Study the benefits of choosing private maternity care
  4. Factor in the costs and what your private health insurance covers - we recommend you speak to your health fund at least a year before you start planning a family
  5. Think about where you live and how close you are to your hospital of choice
  6. Read profiles and reviews about obstetricians and hospitals (you can use our Find a specialist search to find an obstetrician near you)
  7. Investigate what breastfeeding and lactation support is available
  8. Consider how long you would like to stay in hospital after giving birth - at our private hospitals you can generally stay in hospital for three to five days after birth to get all the early parenting and breastfeeding support you need
  9. Speak to friends for word-of-mouth recommendations
  10. Invest time to fully research your options

Knowing what benefits private maternity care offers, as well as your instincts and personal views, allows you to more easily make your decision.

St John of God Health Care Emma Cook
Emma Cook - Director of Nursing

Emma Cook has almost 20 years’ experience in a variety of clinical and nursing executive roles at St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital.

Emma is a registered nurse and midwife and holds a Bachelor of Science (nursing) and Diploma in Midwifery as well a Masters in Health Care Services and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Catholic Culture.